Upasana Retreat – A resort that will surely tug at the strings of your heart

Upasana is now ready for Birthday parties, Engagement and Corporate meets with full facility...

Nestled, among the rain washed mountains of the Western Ghats, bordering the Kudremukh national park. Upasana – a resort that brings you back to the lap of nature, but with modern day comforts and amenities.


Imagine a holiday where you are nestled among mountains with clouds kissing your feet, the cool pure wind filling your lungs and lush green landscapes to lo and behold. The chirping of birds which are long gone from our cities, the peace, tranquil and serenity of your oneness with nature. These are some of the experiences that one rarely come by. Why should you, not have a share of it???


As a destination for your next family holiday, or a corporate bonding get together, a family event or re-union,  a get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our resort provides you with the purity described, and combined with this is absolute privacy, we are in a position to provide you with the ultimate holiday experience one can desire.


With facilities that available at our resort that are seldom or never available at such pristine venue's, we can assure you of comfort in the lap of nature. A full fledged kitchen that can cater to 80 person's based on pre agreed menu's we are able to customize your experience as per your choice.


The facility has access to a swimming pool, kids play area, TV room, activity area, meditation and yoga rooms. Upgrades to the facility happen on a continuous basis to bring the best possible comfort for our patrons.


                                                  "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"


Our philosophy is "Experience is the best teacher" we invite you to experience this peace and contentment. Let us give you an experience which you will come back to time and again. A start to this experience is what we require, the rest as they say will be history.

(Resort Owner)
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