Bulleteer Team At Upasana

 The Bulleteer Team Visit to Upasana

The hills around Upasana Resort reverberated with the sounds and thump of India's premium motorcycle engines the "Bullet" by Royal Enfield company. The riders form a fittingly named group called " The Bulleteers" the group of riders are from various spectrum in life sharing a common goal. Mainly the love for a bullet motorcycle, the desire to feel the soft caress of the wind against their cheeks, the sun on their back and at the end of the day, be dazzled by a perfect sunset. Companionship, bonding, team worth and camaraderie is the core of this group. They ride together to enjoy all of the above and to make a contribution to society and make a difference on their trips


This year the Bulleters (Bangalore charter) decided to hold their Bulleteer Volume 12 expedition at Upasana Retreat from 24th July to 26th July 2015.






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Re-Painting Works by Bulleteer Team at Samse School

Upasana remains impressed and very proud of the "The Bulleteer's", we were glad to host them, on their journey back to nature in its purest form. Besides spending time at the resort, they visited the surrounding areas and its local people, spent time with them. The highlight being that they were involved in the re-painting of the local school as their contribution to society to mark their trip and make their trip memorable.


We the staff and management of Upasana Retreat , salute "The Bulleteers", their attitude and enthusiasm. We would be glad to welcome them back anytime to our little bit of heaven on earth. "Upasana, where nature beckons you, with open arms"


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