Tailor made specials

  • Corporate Team Building and Bonding Sessions                                                                                  


    As a destination for corporate bonding get together, it is a get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.                                 Our resort provides you with the purity descirbed, and combined with this, is absolute privacy for your group,                             we are in a position to provide you with the ultimate experience one can desire.   

  • Family Re-Union The Way It Should Be

    In this modern busy world of our, where time for family takes and back seat and pressures of work bear heavily on us, there lingers in each of our hearts, that family remains a focal point. We often find ourselves reminiscing about the good old times. We even speak with our children to make them aware of our childhood days and experiences. In our culture and upbringing for generations, we have been taught the importance of family and family get together.
    We at Upasana honor this time tested tradition and extend to our patrons the privilege of special family reunions that can be customized as per your requirement. Why just speak or explain to your kids about the good old days or times, when you can actually re-live them in reality with your entire family making a trip to this picture perfect venue Upasana. You can show your kids the true meaning of togetherness and the good ole days and allow them the experience. After all a family that stays together, grows together. 
    Like they say Experience is the best teacher and your kids are deserving of this to say the least.
    We at Upasana, find special meaning in these occasions and we promise to go as far as it takes to pamper you. We will block the entire resort for you to provide you privacy, for your sake, we will have our chef's and their assistants available to the family matriarch's, beck and call in the kitchen, preparing her favorite dishes that the family gobble away in lip smacking fashion. These will be prepared as per the matriarchs choice of spices and condiments and served in the similar way that she would have served you as a child. Cooked to perfection by our chef's inspired by your very own matriarch, served to your delight. 
    To make the experience more interesting , we will arrange for Barbeque nights and camp fires to sit around. We swimming pool you can all laze around. For the able bodies, we can arrange for a hike in the woods and visits to near by water falls and cascades.
    An opportunity to re-affirm your bonding and family ties, re-living experiences of yester years and creating memories for your children to carry with them all their lives. 
    "The entire family together and witnessing the pride and joy in the eyes of parents ………… Priceless"
    ** We can also arrange for an outsourced event management company to tailor make and choreograph activities and games at the event .  
  • Photography / Painting Enthusiasts, "Nature Passion for Creating Life" feel it, at this, picture perfect venue



    An ideal opportunity exists for the photography enthusiast, either as a group in terms of clubs or as an individual using his lens to capture uniqueness. With a combination of nature in its raw beauty, flora and fauna, water cascades and falls, streams and pools, you couldn’t ask for more choice all in one place. Be inspired to follow your passion.
     "Picture Perfect" is how we describe this experience. Combined with privacy, living comforts, good food. You have the opportunity to photograph unique shots to your hearts content. An opportunity to photograph heaven on earth.
     You could never have enough of this experience and will leave you wanting more. You never know, what you will have the fortune to shoot with your camera….. 
    For Painters, you could rarely get an opportunity to view such landscapes and natural pure beauty in full bloom. 
    For Writers, the peace and quite and the encouraging atmosphere lends its hand in allowing you to create the sequence of pictures for your story. A relaxed mind is capable of creativity at its best. So find your imagination to out write yourself. You never know, your best seller could have its beginning at Upsana.

  • Foodie's and Cooking Enthusiasts, "Unleash your Potential" 

    For the cooking enthusiast, you have the opportunity to involve yourself in the kitchen and hone your skills and
    also learn from our resident chef's, unique menu's and dishes that boast of tradition and cooked for generations
    in home kitchens across India.

  • Senior Citizens - Special Packages

    Now that your responsibilities towards your children are over and life has moved from the fast super highway to the slow relaxed lane. We at Upasana, want to encourage you to spend quality time with your spouse and friends. 
    We encourage singles groups or couples groups to book for stays at our resort. These booking for senior citizens will be considered our privilege and we will offer you special rates. It does not end there, should you as a group decide to lend your time to special causes that are specific and feasible,  the resort CEO is more than happy to do his bit and assist towards making your goals a success. 
    You are encouraged to unleash your potential and create change that you will be remembered fondly for.